How does it work?

Everything you need to know

Before you come


  • Let it grow! Don’t shave for minimum 3 weeks before a wax
  • Don’t use sunbeds or sunbathe within 48 hours of waxing
  • Exfoliate and moisturise the day before, but don’t moisturise the day of your treatment
  • Drink plenty of water on the day of your treatment

What will happen?

 When you arrive, you’ll be taken up to the treatment room and asked if you’ve had a wax before. If it’s your first wax, the process will be explained.

You’ll then be left to remove any items of clothing from the area you’re having waxed, freshen up and hop on the bed. If you’re booked for an intimate then you’ll be given an individually wrapped intimate wipe, and modesty towels are provided for you, if you feel a bit exposed. When you’re ready, your treatment therapist will enter the room.

Before the waxing begins, your skin will be cleansed with a special cleanser, and a little oil applied to protect your skin. With an intimate, you’ll be asked to help hold your skin taut one way and the other and your therapist will chat away making you feel at ease.

When the waxing is complete, any wax residue will be removed with a soothing oil, and then a nice after wax cooling lotion will be applied, leaving your skin soft and nourished.

Common Worries?

I’m embarrassed!

Ha-ha ok, honestly, don’t be embarrassed – we wax all day, every day, it’s our job and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

I’m scared – will it hurt?!

Alright, we’ll level with you – waxing is never going to be completely painless, but it’s not the scream-inducing torture that the movies would have you believe. It’s really a second or two of discomfort and then it’s over. You can do this.

Also, we use the latest hot wax technology, also known as peelable/non strip. Hot wax actually shrink-wraps around the hair without sticking to the skin – reduction in the ouch factor is huge compared to traditional wax.

The anticipation is the worst part. But hey, if women get waxed all over without shedding a tear, then the guys can definitely handle it right?! Waxing really isn’t as bad as you think, and the benefits and long-lasting results are totally worth it.

Post Treatment Advice

 Right after your wax we’ll apply a soothing lotion to waxed areas. Expect some redness and bumps which will subside within a few hours.

For the next 24 hours or so your empty hair follicles are still open, and you don’t want bacteria to get into them. Try to avoid excessive sweating, sun exposure, deodorant or suncream, hot baths or saunas. Shower with cool-lukewarm water only. Avoid sex that day after an intimate wax. Wear clean, loose-fitting clothes.

When your skin has settled, exfoliate 2-3 times a week to avoid pesky ingrown hairs, and try to moisturise daily.

We sell a fantastic scrub and aftercare products to help you get the longest and best results between appointments. Our ingrown hair serum is a bestseller and really works!



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